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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Marathoning, sounds much catchier than Scunthorping

So you have decided to run 42.195 km (or 26 miles 365 yards) have you? Well ejoy the first 640m (700 yards) they were stuck on to line up with Queen Victoria's statue at Windsor Castle. A further stretch was added in honour (trying to avoid the rough terrain of train lines etc) around Wormwood scrubs. This meant the original planned distance of 25 miles was extending closer to 26 miles at the 1908 London Olympic games. They also realised that the most logical entrance to the stadium at White City was also impractical, so they switched to a different one, but this meant King Edward VII's wife Queen Alexandra of Denmark would not have the best view of the athletes, so it was decided that the runners would run clockwise (i.e. the 'wrong way' round) the track. So enjoy those last 385 yards, they will be hard, but probably one of the best supported and most uplifting finishes of any endurance event you'll take part in. So as the marathon snakes through London, it might or might not help to visualise yourself running (roughly) from; Birmigham to Worcester, 26.0 Cardiff to Porthcawl 25.9 Preston to St. Helens 27.3 Nottingham to Leicester 26.3 Epsom to Enfield 26.3 Bognor Regis to Brighton 25.6 Lands End to Redruth 27 Oxford to High Wycombe 26.4 Ipswich to Bury St. Edmunds 26.5 Grimsby to Scunthorpe 27.7 Kendal to Penrith 26.3 Edinburgh to Falkirk 25.5 Inverness to Invergordon 25.0 Ballymena to Belfast 26.0 Or you could think of it as burning roughly 10 to 15 Mars bars or 25 to 30 bananas. If you think I am being a bit lax with my measurements then bear in mind that the distance is at best symbolic as the original records of Pheidippides' messenger routes vary from 35 km (22 miles) to 240 km (150 miles. Just count your lucky stars it is not the latter.

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