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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Phys Soc Interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the Physiological Society ( Physiology News. Here are some of the questions I was asked;

Which sports do your team focus on and why?

What was the Institute of Sport set up to achieve?

How has sports science or exercise physiology research, and how you apply it, changed over the years?

How has the focus changed from understanding the basics of athletes’ bodies to application of that research knowledge?

You say you are now ‘embedded’ within sports – do athletes welcome the possibility you offer them in improving their performance?

How do you develop your ideas? Do you cherry pick published research to see how it may work for elite athletes?

Has funding increased to reflected the increased dependence in sports science and what it can offer?

Do you think London hosting the games has inspired more to take up exercise physiology? Do you think this might change after the Olympics?

What discovery has changed sporting performance the most?

Is scientific intervention spoiling the concept that sporting achievement is based on natural ability?

My answers are on page 33;
PS. Kevin Fong's feature and Prof Brian Whipp's obituary is a hell of a sandwich to be in!


  1. Hi Steven,

    reference to article do not open, appearently wrong adress.

    1. Hi Sergei
      Sorry about that, all mended and also now a hyperlink on "My answers are on page 33".

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