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Thursday, 21 June 2012

EIS media Radio 5 live and Independent interview

Last week we held an EIS media briefing with a number of journalists here are the links to the pieces;

Radio 5 live piece on Shelagh Fogarty's programme on 21/6/2012, sandwiched between sick leave and the travel news at about 1hr 41mins into the programme.
Gordon Farquhar is a really tuned in observer and very well informed, he'd make a good physiologist with these explanations!

Gordon warmed up in normoxia, then did 2 x 3 min blocks at 150 and 175 W, whilst we looked at his heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation

After a 10 minute rest Gordon did the same 2 x 3 min block again at 150 and 175 W comparing responses to illustrate the challenge that hypoxia presents to the body - that ultimately acts as the stimulus for improvement

Tom Peck from the independent also got stuck in taking on the bike in the same way as Gordon and using the AlterG  treadmill to illustrate the alleviation of forces during running, whilst we loaded the physiology with hypoxia;

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